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  1. Police harassments , ransom, bribery and non-registration of complaints and FIR
  2. Traffic and other civic body challans and recovery of documents 
  3. Complaints and dispute of civic authority such as electricity, water etc.
  4. Appointment of nominee in case of property, bank account, investment, insurance etc.
  5. Defective house hold goods such as T V, Fridge, Air Conditioner, Computer, Washing machine etc.
  6. Misconduct and threatening of recovery agents or any other un-authorized personal
  7. Misused of  banking Laws, Credit Cards and Debit Cards
  8. Unreasonable penalty and  interest charged by Bank and other authority
  9. Property documentation, validation, title investigation and advice
  10. Forged agreements and documents
  11. Negotiable instrument Act (Cheque Bouncing)
  12. Banking and investment disputes such as forged in real estate, investment, finance, MLM etc.
  13. Neighborhood disputes
  14. Builder,  Society and RWA disputes
  15. Personal family disputes
  16. Marriage consultancy, divorce, adoption and maintenance
  17. Special marriage Act
  18. Anti dowry threatening and demand for dowry
  19. Fake call, emails, lottery, award, threatening, blackmailing, club and legal notices
  20. Preparation and registration of will deed, sales deed, adoption deed, conveyance deed, lease deed, gift deed etc.
  21. General Power of Attorney (GPA), Special Power of Attorney (SPA) etc.
  22. Consultancy for pass port and PAN Card
  23. Domestic violence
  24. Prevention of corruption
  25. Fundamental rights and duties
  26. Right to information (RTI)
  27. Special Writ Petition (SLP) 
  28. Rent control litigation
  29. Insurance claim and settlement
  30. Stamp duty and fee
  31. Claim under Motor Vehicle Act 
  32. Claim under Public Liability Insurance
  33. Civil suit
  34. Recovery suit
  35. Defamation suit

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