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Legeazy's Aim & Objective

The globalization process continues to dismantle policies and regulations safeguarding the rights of people, their health, environment and livelihoods that are perceived by neoliberal pundits as "protectionism". Increase in prices has reduced the government's ability to sustain social welfare services, such as health, education and employment and shifting control of these services to privatizations. Life became more and more complex; it seems difficult to choose the right products and services in a sort span. Every human being is involved in their day to day routine works and having no time to deal with any third party causes arisen due to the legal complexity and get harassed. There are countless happenings in our routine life, while we need immediate attention and prior advice may refrain ourselves from pseudo acts.


The Government of India has propounded various laws and acts in protection of human being and environments and also introduced welfare schemes in large interest. But generally the common men are not aware for the same and could not get the proper benefit. Being the associates of LokJagriti a NGO and the Legeazy International is also responsible to bridge the gap between law and common man through organizing awareness camp and promotion of Government schemes in the interest of society.


"Legeazy" International is a unique feature having nationwide network of professionals from the various field of institutions lead by eminent national and International personalities. It has a fully modern corporate office in Vaishali,Ghaziabad with the branches in Delhi & NCR, manpower of 100+ and still expanding.


People who are facing the various difficulties due to the complexity of laws and cannot assess their risks , or any individual or any organization who want to take a legal safeguarding, advisory and immediate assistance in case of any requirement. All features and services provided for the different category of memberships in the Membership section. Members contribute membership fee, which contributes protection to the effective members by providing value added advisory services.


Legal services are often too costly for moderate income households; consequently, people without discretionary incomes are required to forego legal representation in many instances. Legeazy International has explored methods of enhancing efficiencies and reducing the costs of legal services by selecting 111 most valuable services. Selective counseling will be provided absolutely free to all enrolled members and unlimited free online consultancy will be available 24 hours.

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